What’s the deal with pop up cameras in 2019?

Bezel-less phones are all the rage these days. Most smartphone companies are designing their phones to have the least amount of bezels, leaving only the front camera at the front.

However, there’s a new trend appearing in 2019: pop-up cameras. An example of a smartphone with a pop-up camera is the Vivo V15.

How are phones like before cameras?

Phones from 10-15 years ago had keypads and a small screen. When people demanded larger screens, phones started to get bigger, but there was still sliders and flip phones for people that prefer compact phones.

It wasn’t long until touchscreen phones with no keypads started to take over. There was more screen space to interact with, and a sleeker look that comes with touchscreen phones.

vivo v15

How did the pop-up camera idea came about?

The idea of a movable camera can be traced back to the Oppo N3 in 2015. The Honor 7i also had a camera module that flips over. However, these movable parts left a lot of mechanical stress due to wear and tear. It’s safe to say that it didn’t catch on.

It wasn’t until 2018 that Vivo announced the concept of the Apex smartphone that features a phone with zero bezel-less design. It also featured a front camera that pops up when required and slides back in after use. The camera is activated by sensors hidden under the display.

Since then, other companies are following the trend of sensor-activated pop-up cameras.

The problems with pop-up cameras

The idea of a pop-up camera is cool but there are flaws that come with them.

Having a movable part means it’s more susceptible to damage, and there’s a chance of never using a camera again if the pop-up camera is broken. Without a camera, a smartphone is completely useless.

Then, other phone brands like Xiaomi and Huawei provided a solution to this problem: manual sliders. This solution means that users have to manually slide up the cameras to use them instead of relying on a sensor and motor to do it for you.

Pop-up technology is here

It wouldn’t be a surprise if everyone starts taking selfies with pop-up cameras in the near future. The technology behind pop-up cameras may still need some tweaks here and there, but it’s more than likely to stay.

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