Does the Colour of Your Smartphone Matter?

When a person walks into a smartphone store and browses for their next phone to own, some of the factors they may consider is the brand, the price and the specifications of the smartphone. These are reasonable things to contemplate about, but how many people think about the colour of a smartphone?

Black and white are the most common colour for smartphones, but manufacturers will sometimes release colourful phone designs such as the Mystic Purple for the Vivo Y17. Selling limited edition colours is one of the ways to encourage customers to buy a phone when they weren’t excited about previously.

vivo y17

Why coloured smartphones?

As humans, we love to be stand out in our personal way, which is why we have different hairstyles and wear different styles of clothes. Owning other than a black or white smartphone is no different.

While black and white remain as the popular choice, some users would instead go for a sharp red or a shiny gold phone. Manufacturers realise that this market exists and produce coloured smartphones to help express the individuality of their users. This explains why there are more and more colour options when it comes to buying smartphones.

Do they really matter?

Yes, and no. Some people buy smartphones without giving much thought; others are serious about their colour choices.

According to research, psychologists state that our brain makes a statement when faced with a colour choice. Depending on their colour decisions, it tells a bit of the user’s personality and traits. For example, people who choose bold colours like cyan are usually happy and exuberant; while people that go for white are sophisticated characters.

The demographic age and gender also play a part in smartphone design choices. Younger females tend to enjoy shades of pink and purple, while men prefer gothic of psychedelic colours. Older people gravitate towards basic shades, while young children prefer phone covers that depict cartoon characters.

Final verdict

In a world where smartphone plays a vital role in our lives, it’s only normal to choose a colour as an extension of our individuality and personality. Not only are they convenient gadgets, but they’re also an accessory.

Vivo offers beautiful phones other than plain designs for its users. Check out for more information.