Vintage Radio Cabinet Restoration

This old radio cabinet is an RCA radio – RCA Victor 816K.

A vintage radio restoration project in which the owner had removed the interior parts so we could restore the cabinet, which is no different than other furniture restoration projects we do daily.

This old tube radio had problems with missing and lifted veneer, mostly along the bottom edges of the front and sides.

Previous owner used scotch tape to hold down the peeling veneer.
This is what we had to work with once all the tape was removed.

First step in the veneer repair was to apply glue under everything that was loose and clamp it down overnight.

Masking tape was used on the rounded edge to hold down the veneer till the glue was dry.

Step 2 was cutting and gluing in new pieces of veneer to replace the missing sections.

Touch up and blending in the repaired veneer was done during the reconditioning of the existing finish on this antique radio cabinet.

The walnut veneer and rounded edges on this old radio is typical of 1930s furniture.

The top was refinished because of a deep stain outlining a drinking glass. Trying to hide the stain with touch up would have been more time consuming with compromising results.

After removing the finish from the top surface and sanding out the stain, we matched the color to the rest of the radio cabinet and finished with lacquer as original.

The original gilt lettering for the control knobs looked to be worn away. The owner was concerned they may need replacing, but instead a good cleaning revealed they were still intact and needed only minor touch up.

The original painted interior was touched up where flaking and the manufacturers label was untouched.

The owner is an old radio hobbyist, and will be restoring the interior works and radio tubes.

Furniture repair and old radio restoration for RCA radio cabinet. Delivered to Kingston NY client – thank you.