Oak Chair Refinishing

Oak chairs before and after refinishing

Here’s an oak chair refinishing project completed for 2 sets of chairs that had water damage.

This 1st set consisted of four side chairs and as seen below the finish was severely damaged. The joints were also loosened and the upholstered seats smelled damp and moldy.

Oak chairs before refinishing

Restoration began by removing the slip seats and re-gluing the loose joints. The finish was then removed with the use of a furniture stripper. Residual water stains were removed during the sanding process.

Oak chairs with finish removed

The chairs were then stained with an oil based wood stain and finished with several coats of lacquer. Once dry they were rubbed and waxed.

Oak chairs after refinishing

The 2nd set of oak chairs consisted of four side chairs and one arm chair. This set had a slightly different top and the front seat rail was straight rather than rounded.

Here’s a close up of one before refinishing.

Water damaged oak chair

Below shows the five chairs re-glued, stripped and sanded.

Oak chairs stripped an sanded

Here is both sets of oak chairs after refinishing.

Refinished oak chairs

As for the slip seats, all the upholstery was removed and some repairs were made to their frames. They were then sent out to the upholsterer.

Below is one of the refinished oak chairs with it’s new leather slip seat.

Refinished oak chair with new leather slip seat

Millbrook NY
This oak chair refinishing project was completed for a Millbrook NY client.