MyDigi App Review: All-in-One Convenience

I have recently started using the MyDigi app and in terms of mobile apps that are more about convenience and functionality, it is definitely one that I am glad to have in my phone. There are a couple of reasons why I really like it, so read my review below to find out more.

Pay Mobile Bill Easily

Pay Mobile Bill | MyDigi App
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Firstly, the best thing about having this mobile app is the fact that I don’t have to physically go to the Digi Store to pay my phone bills. I’m usually very busy with work so I don’t really have time to go to a mall to find a Digi Store. Yes, you can also pay your Digi bills online but having all that convenience in your phone is definitely another level. If you’re all for going paperless, then you can cancel the monthly billings mailed to you and just use the app.

Monitor Your Data Quota

Other than being a payment channel, I use the MyDigi app to check data usage for my phone. My internet usage is really substantial. There are really a lot of data-heavy apps that I use on a daily basis. I watch TV shows and movies on my mobile, use Waze for navigation, Spotify for music — and what do these apps have in common? They can really take a toll on your data plan. Now, I can check internet balance for my phone directly on the app and try to gauge how I should minimise my internet usage.

Never Run Out Out of Internet! Buy Internet Add On Instantly

Sometimes, I do buy internet add on when I desperately need more internet. This, I can do right away on the MyDigi app as I have my debit card saved on the app. This makes the internet top up and whatever purchases that I need to do much easier. On that note, I really should consider upgrading my postpaid plan soon  — these internets add ons have been increasing in the past few months.

Enjoy Privilege and Exclusive Rewards

Now, moving on to the fun stuff. As much as the app is made for convenience, there are a couple of fun features that I enjoy using. One of them is the rewards programme because who doesn’t like freebies? Some of the rewards that I have used from the app are from MBO cinemas, Juiceworks, MPH Bookstores, and Baskin Robbins. I already have my eye on some entertainment and travel rewards that I’ll be using in the future. There’s Agoda, Sunway Lagoon, Healthland and more. So these rewards, you don’t have to use them only for yourself, but to enjoy with your loved ones as well.

I hope that my review for the MyDigi App has been helpful. If you’re a Digi user, I recommend it for its all-in-one convenience and although there’s nothing glamorous about the app, it really does make your life easier. You can download the app from both apps store for your true convenience using the apps:

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