Hitchcock Settee Restoration

This Hitchcock style arrowback settee (circa 1840) stored in a barn for several years was brought into the restoration shop for re-gluing and refinishing.

Furniture repairs to this antique bench included injecting glue into all the loose joints to tighten the legs, arms and back.

The finish was worn throughout the whole piece, as seen here on the legs and stretchers.


The finish on the seat was scratched throughout, and a crack had developed in this single maple board seat that needed to be shimmed.



The deteriorated finish was removed and all was sanded and re-stained. Then sealed with a couple coats of hardwearing varnish.

Finished off with a coat of light oak furniture wax.

19th Century Arrow Back Settee Restored

Antique restoration and Hitchcock furniture repair for Norfolk CT client – client.