Glue Injectors & Furniture Repair Tips

Glue injectors are a commonly used tool by restorers for furniture repairs.
An effective technique used for furniture restoration that most do it yourselfers should find easy.

Before going on,
I would like to mention that a proper glue up also includes aligning and clamping pieces together correctly until glue is dry.

We use glue injectors here at the restoration shop often to re-glue chairs that are loose and wobbly but unable to come apart without creating further damage. Also a convenient tool used to apply glue under loose veneer.

How to Use a Furniture Glue injector

  • To use your glue injector simply drill a small hole with 1/16″ bit or smaller into the loose joint or behind veneer.
  •  Inject until glue begins to come out around repair area.
  • Wipe area clean and plug your hole with a tooth pick.
  • Follow up by clamping your repair tight until dry.

Get the most out of this handy tool by keeping it clean after use.
If you take it apart and clean under running water you’ll be able to use it over and over.
Submerging in water usually works for a few hours if you can’t clean right away.

Two Glue Injectors We Use

For veneer gluing and delicate work I often use this Glue Syringe Set & Needles purchased at Kingdom Restorations Ltd.

and the following affiliate link to our supplier will enable you to purchase the same injector I’ve been using successfully for over 10 years to re-glue chairs.

High Pressure Glue Injector

Make easy repairs, firm up joints and handle delicate assemblies with this micro-tipped glue applicator. Great for crafts and hobbies, it maintains pressure up to 600 psi for incredible dispensing power. Works to repair/reglue furniture joints, veneer, laminates, musical instruments and more. Use with water based glues. Includes solid brass nozzle with 1/32″ opening. Additional nozzles also available.