Desk Leather Replacement

Desk leather replacement before and after

This antique mahogany desk was brought to our shop for repairs, reconditioning, and leather replacement. To begin the project, the client came in to choose a leather color and gold tooling of her liking. An order was then placed with our supplier so the new leather would be in by the time the other work on this desk was complete.

Repairs included shimming a large crack on one of the sides, and re-working the drawers which were very difficult to operate.

To recondition the existing finish we first removed the brass hardware. The finish was then cleaned and lightly scuffed. Some stain and touch up was applied and then sealed with three coats of lacquer. Once dry, the finish was rubbed and waxed.

To replace the desktop leather, the old leather was removed and the surface was scraped and sanded clean. To assure a nice flat surface for the new leather, any divots or dents were filled and sanded flush.

Desk with leather removed from top

The slightly oversized leather that we ordered with gold tooling was glued into place and the edges were then trimmed for a custom fit.

New leather installed on desk top

To complete this project the brass hardware was lightly polished and re-installed.

Restored desk with new leather

Many thanks to our supplier – Russ at Heath’s Restoration for providing the leather and tooling samples that our client was able to choose from.

Desktop leather with gold tooling

Millerton NY
This desk leather replacement project was completed for a Millerton NY client.