New Way of Recruitment

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Owning a functioning company includes stumbling-blocks. Yet, with the right tactics and strategies, your enterprise will continue to work its high the pecking order. The range of product offerings, timing additionally, the targeted audience of your choice are large determinants relating to just how well your small business performs in gameplay.

A New Way to Recruit with JobStreet

The key ingredient to a thriving enterprise is getting the top members on your own company. One of the easy ways to get top members is thru job posting on free recruitment site, such as JobStreet Malaysia employer site. When you have an awesome team, there are not any roadblocks your company cannot get over. If your company is packed with staffs having all the essential capabilities and mental attitude, no doubt that with each other, your enterprise will achieve prolonged success.

Hiring an appropriate job seeker is normally challenging, and this is especially true for hiring managers right before the advancement of modern technology. Word-of-mouth, advertising boards and then later, ads in papers was the way of employment. Managing the database of possible employees had also been complicated as cvs were composed on physical papers up until recently, making it tough to access and organize job applications.

The good news is, the common use of computers and also the online world speeds up this complex candidate selection process. On this decade, online staffing is definitely more cost and time effective and empowers you to reach larger audiences from around the world.

job posting

In 1997, Mark Chang Mun Kee built JobStreet in Malaysia. This business has become one among Asia’s very best online job portals, and at the moment servicing about 80000 employers and 11 million job seekers by assisting to aid the communication and matching of career opportunities between job seekers and recruiters.

JobStreet puts its subscribers first through providing different high-quality services. Such as to simplify the required process to create a professional user profile and to look for their desired job opportunities. With their magic ingredients, job ads are posted by potential employers to fit with prospective candidates. With JobStreet’s talent search aspect, the quest to finding the next qualified applicant is just as effective as ever.

Having extensive data pools, advanced employee filtering systems and groundbreaking communication tools, JobStreet has revolutionized the way we hire. The entire process of recruiting the highest-performing candidate really is as fluid than ever before.

JobStreet founded its headquarters in Malaysia and had since extended its target users to Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, as well as Hong Kong right now. The reason for the organization is to lift up true potential by matching passionate talents with reputable companies over the region.

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Attractive Traits HR Look For When Hiring

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Spotting the ideal candidate to fill a vacancy can be a difficult task when it includes a large number of job applicants.

When you’re filtering through applicants on online recruitment sites like Jobstreet Singapore as a hiring manager, it is your responsibility to hire the perfect potential employee to your company. You have to make the right choices to save the time and resources of your company.

How should you identify your ideal candidate when there are so many people to choose from? Here are some traits that you can look for that will make your job easier:


Who doesn’t like confidence? A confident candidate is a sign that he will produce results and take on a challenge that others shy away from. It is a trait that most managers assess within the 30 seconds of the interview.

Creativity and innovation

Innovation and creativity is the key to improving the current internal processes in an organization. A successful company has creative people that have the ability to formulate fresh ways to complete old tasks.

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A candidate without a passion will turn into an employee that lacks motivation. They will utilize only a fraction of their intelligence, achieve the bare minimum and burn out faster. Without passion, they will create no impact in their lives or the lives of others.

Openness to feedback

A candidate that is willing to listen to feedback and learn from their mistake is better than a skilled candidate that is stubborn. These candidates will listen to understand first, rather than respond immediately when given criticism.


Most of the time, managers don’t have the time to oversee day-to-day activities. Independent candidates are ideal because they can get the job done without being micromanaged. These candidates are also more likely to make better decisions in stressful situations.


Identifying these traits isn’t as easy as it seems, but it is a step to find the ideal candidate for your company. Know what you are looking for and follow your instincts when interviewing applicants.

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